Our company

“Exportea” is an export management company, which was founded in year 2006. The main activity of “Exportea” is the operation of export markets, supporting our clients in new export market research, exploration and its acquisition.
Several years of experience in international business that our team has, allows the confidence to say: “We know how!”

  • How to get into the market.
  • How to attract potential customers.
  • How to run negotiations.
  • How to stay in the market for a long.

Currently we have 10 people reliable team of experienced sales and project managers. “Exportea” offices are located in different European countries: Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

Company “Exportea” is “Euroaudit” Group Company that provides various types of outsourcing. “Euroaudit” is one of the largest outsourced accounting companies in Latvia, with over 200 clients.

Our sister company “EuroCollegia” is Belarusian and Latvian joint venture, which aims to promote economic cooperation between Belarus and EU companies, providing suitable conditions for Belarusian companies entering the EU market, while EU companies by opening the door to the Belarusian market.