Exhibitions are an excellent way to meet potential clients, suppliers and partners in one location. Participation in exhibitions has been recognised as one of the most effective marketing activities for producers, and it is an opportunity to create a platform for the further advance of the product in the market.

Gains from participation in exhibitions:

  • Sales promotion;
  • Product presentation and demonstration of its qualities promotes understanding of the product;
  • Client feedback is available immediately – providing opportunity to react more quickly to the particular market’s specifics and demands;
  • An opportunity to evaluate market potential and competition, as well as new trends in the sector;
  • An opportunity to meet distributors and sales agents and new clients;
  • An opportunity to maintain contacts with valuable partners and clients;
  • An opportunity to sign deals – especially in China, one must be ready to receive specific offers of partnership at exhibitions;
  • An opportunity to obtain media attention, to be the centre of attention of the sector and improve the company’s image and recognition;
  • An effective way, as all marketing activities, to concentrate on the target audience all at once and in one location.

To gain the best results from participation in an exhibition, it is important to:

  • Set a goal and tasks for participation in the exhibition;
  • Choose the proper exhibition;
  • Reserve the best location at the exhibition site;
  • Secure oneself with the distributed materials and presentations;
  • Recognize in advance other exhibition participants, their advantages and their flaws;
  • Inform in advance current and potential clients and partners about participation in the exhibition;
  • Study the specifics, demands and traditions of the local market;
  • Be able to communicate in several languages, with people from all kinds of cultures.