The registration of a parent company in Hong Kong can improve a commercial company’s financial indicators and the company’s reputation on the Chinese market. By creating a holding company in Hong Kong, the firm can gain vital advantages in business processes in the Chinese market, including legal protection, tax optimization and changes in company owner structure. Registration of a parent company in Hong Kong requires no more than three weeks of time and can be completed without the direct presence of the company’s founder in Hong Kong.
Import and export licenses are necessary for the country to maintain its internal market, price level and commerce with foreign countries. In Chine, the import and export of any products requires import and export licenses. When contacting Chinese business partners, it is important to discover if these partners have these licenses. In case the business partners do not have such licenses, one must utilize a logistics company or the services of a specialized import/export company, which offers the lease of such licenses. License lease is calculated as a percent of cargo value and usually does not exceed 2%.
Chinese business culture is fundamentally different from Western business culture. In the Chinese business environment, relationships between business partners are not so formal. It is important to maintain friendly relations and show special concern for your business partner. Even when forming the first contacts with business partners in China, it is important to become friends first and gain each other’s trust. While maintaining contacts, it is important to show concern for the other’s well-being and health, and only then to approach business discussions.
China is a giant market, with the corresponding amount of various companies offering services in a multitude of spheres. Even dividing the companies into smaller industries, it might occur impossible to search for all potential partners. In order to find the most appropriate partner successfully, it is important to know:

  • What demands are being made of the potential partner?
  • What are the demands on quality?
  • What are the joint goals?
  • What region is represented by the potential partner?

When all search criteria are known, the correct database must be selected. The following types of database can be used in import and export processes:

  • Publicly available, free databases;
  • Databases with a fee;
  • Association databases;
  • Consular branch databases;
  • Chamber of commerce databases;
  • Private company databases.

Still, not all questions referring to the search for partners can be answered directly. Certain experience on the Chinese market is also necessary, as well as an understanding of Chinese business culture and environment.

Imported product certification is necessary to ensure a product’s correspondence to legislation and generally accepted standards. In most cases, Chinese partners can easily acquire such certification. However, for several product groups, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and educational materials, the process of acquiring a certificate can be an expensive process due to the bureaucratic barrier in China, and can extend over several years.