In order to provide our customers with the most effective entry in the particular export market, we use our database of more than 6000 distributor contacts from food and non-food industries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Food industry


Non-food industry


Food distributors

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Russia ru_rdy

Currently in our Russian food distributor database there are 5811 distributors, including:

  • 1401 in Moscow;
  • 430 in St.Petersburg;
  • 369 in Novosibirsk;
  • 3611 in other regions of Russia, such as Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd, Perm and Krasnoyarsk.

Ukraine ukr_rdy

Currently in our Ukrainian food distributor database there are 98 distributors, including:

  • 50 in Kiev;
  • 11 in Odessa;
  • 37 in other regions of Ukraine, such as Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Mariupol.

Belarus balt_rdy

Currently in our Belarusian food distributor database there are 162 distributors, including:

  • 80 in Minsk;
  • 82 in other regions of Belarus, such as Mogilev, Babrujsk, Vitebsk, Brest, Grodno and Baranovichi.

Kazakhstan kazah_rdy

Currently in our Kazakh food distributor database there are 200 distributors, including:

  • 45 in Almaty
  • 22 in Astana
  • 133 in other regions of Kazakhstan, such as Pavlodar, Karaghandi, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Aktau, Kostanaja.