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“In 2011th our company decided to push our products exports to Russia, as strategic partners we attracted company “Exportea”. Export management company “Exportea” fully met their expectations for themselves – with professional approach of offices in Riga and St. Petersburg we have taken significant steps towards our products uptake to the Russian market. I can say with confidence that our positive experience of cooperation allows to trust “Exportea” team and its manager. I certainly can encourage other Latvian producers to work with “Exportea” to promote its product sales in existing and new export markets.”
Andrejs Fraimanis, Lango / IMK (Latvia)
“Mr. Martins Zemitis has been working with our brand Nordpeis (wood burning fireplaces and stoves) for the last 12 years. Nordpeis is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer and Mr. Zemitis has been responsible for building up our brand in the countries that earlier formed the Soviet Union as well as in Central Europe. He has reported direct to me, and I can only say that it has been a pleasure to work with him. He is very good organized, very focused and maybe most important, he is very solution oriented. He speaks excellent English and Russian beside his Latvian mother tongue, and his manners and behavior cover all needs.
Mr. Zemitis has achieved a lot for our company during all these years and I can strongly recommend him.”
Bjarne Varre, Nordpeis (Norvēģija)
“On behalf of the company Norega, I would like to thank the Exportea team, with whom we have been working closely for 5 years. I would certainly encourage others to listen to their advice. Our collaboration with Exportea, as a manufacturer’s representative, has made it possible to increase our sales and feel supported by our supplier in the small, but for us, very significant Lithuanian heat and heating equipment market.”
Redas Lučiūnas, Norega UAB(Lietuva)

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