Consulting in Export Matters

Companies, being involved in the export activities for a long time or planning to enter an export market for the first time, often needs some advice.
“Exportea” offers to be Your Advisor in helping to solve problems or answering your questions, like:

  • Which method of exporting is best suited for Your company?
  • How should Your company distribute the products in the selected market?
  • Where should the firm produce its products for the foreign market?
  • What are the most common mistakes You should avoid when exporting?
  • What strategy Your company should use when developing export program?
  • Which method of exporting better fits to the nature of Your products?
  • Do the laws of the foreign country favor a particular method of exporting?
  • What INCOTERMS rules should be used?
  • What preparations You should do, before starting/expanding export activities?


“Exportea” will help you to learn about various aspects of exporting and international trade. Or just in situations, when You need to hear an independent point of view!
Our clients successful experience shows, that “Exportea” team is a good advisor, and a good advisor is essential to a good strategy, which can help You to identify Your areas of strength, has believe in You and wants Your succeed, guaranteeing an individual approach and confidentiality.