Market Research and Analysis

Market Research and Analysis encompasses all methods of gathering information to determine target markets’ potential for Your company and its products.

Within market research service “Exportea” offers for Your company to do:

  • Desk Study – Secondary Market Research, which includes analysis of public data available, collecting data indirectly from various sources:
    – Government agencies and trade associations,
    – News Media.
  • In-Depth Study – Primary Market Research, which includes consultations with institutions and entrepreneurs, collecting data directly from Your required foreign marketplace:
    – individual consultations with involved stakeholders in particular country
    – Conducting interviews with participants of distribution chain: wholesalers, retail chains, shops
    – Employing surveys,
    – Using focus groups,
    – Conducting field tests,
    – Contacting in person potential representatives, potential buyers and resellers and end users as well.
    – Additional analysis of customers – nature, size and geographical distribution of customers, as well as needs, requirements and preferences of customers of the confectionery.

Using both types of market research gives a well-rounded view of the market. Two of “Exportea” offers described above, can be discussed upon and the extent of market research can vary and can be adjusted to Your company’s specific needs.
Market research involves a comprehensive overview of the market, making it possible to identify market niches for your export products, determine growth prospects, including potential barriers and formal restrictions to entry.
We advise firstly to conduct secondary research in your chosen export market to lay the groundwork and then do a primary market research to fill in the gaps with needed specific information.
Within market research and information analysis we will help to find you answers for your desirable export market:

  • What is the size of the market?
  • Who are the major players on the market?
  • What market entry strategy better to adopt?