Product approval for Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh markets

Every market has its own “game” rules.

In order for to easily carry the products to the Russian Federation, you should be familiar with the rules that govern access to the market and product circulation on the market. The main argument is the confirmation of product quality and compliance with the requirements of normative documents and legislation.

Product certification in Russian Federation.

The official forms of conformity assessment of products in Russia are state registration Rospotrebnadzor, product certification and declaration of conformity. The conformity assessment procedure involves such documents as the certificate of conformity and a declaration of conformity. On some types of products also requires registration of the certificate on state registration of Rospotrebnadzor.

Product certification is conducted for compliance with national standards of the Russian Federation or approved technical regulations.

You can obtain certificates for mass production or a specific party. These documents are issued by accredited certification bodies and act on the whole territory of Russia, regardless of the region in which the applicant is registered.
According to the rules, certification in Russia is carried out in several stages, the first of which is the filing of the application and submission of documents to the notified body. Then laboratory tests of examples are carried out, expert opinions are issued, which result in the decision on issuance of the above mentioned documents.
Declaration of conformity – is an official document that confirms the quality of the product, that is, the procedure of declaration serves as a confirmation of the quality, and the declaration is a binding document for a number of commodity groups. Recall that the declaration form is mandatory endorsement. The declaration may be issued only domestic manufacturer or supplier in the status of legal entity or individual entrepreneur registered in the territory of Russia.

Voluntary and mandatory certification in Russian Federation.

Certification of products is divided into two main systems that include a variety of drawing up schemes – the so-called system of voluntary and mandatory product certification.

Mandatory conformity assessment, including the declaration shall be products for which mandatory security requirements are defined.

Voluntary certification procedure is initiated by the applicant, but the presence of a voluntary quality certification is a powerful argument for the consumer. For this reason, companies conduct a voluntary assessment of the quality of products. In practice, it is important for buyer that a product has a document confirming its quality. It does not matter whether it is voluntary or mandatory. After any of these documents confirms the safety of offered products, this is the main criterion for the buyer.

More information about the rules and regulations that govern the issues of certification can be found on the website of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart) –

For manufacturers with products of animal origin

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision is the federal executive authority responsible for control and supervision in the field of animal health, plant protection, safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals, maintenance of soil fertility, quality and safety of grain, cereals, animal feed and ingredients for their production, by-products of grain processing, land relations (in respect of agricultural lands), functions to protect the public from diseases common to humans and animals.

In order to export animal origin products to Russia, you must obtain permission to import goods from the institution mentioned above. More information on requirements can be found on the website of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) –

About Federal Service, which surveillances Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare

As mentioned in previous sections, some products may need to have a state registration certificate. The requirements and regulations can be found on the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare home page (Rospotrebnadzor) –

About the Customs Union

The Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in accordance with the Agreement on October 6, 2007, is forming a Customs Union.

The supreme body of the customs union is the The Superior Council, which is formed from State and Government leaders.

The member states of Customs Union after the Agreement on October 6, 2007, have established a Committee – a united permanent governing body of the customs union.

Formation of Customs Union provides creation of united customs territory, within which member states have no customs duties and restrictions of economic nature. As exception are special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures. As part of a customs union, member states apply a unified customs tariff and other common measures for regulating trade of goods with third countries.

In 2009, the supreme body of the Customs Union, the Customs Union Committee and the representatives of member states, carried out a set of measures to complete the formation of the legal framework of the customs union, including the Common Customs Tariff, the Customs Code, and the Statute of the Court of Customs Union.

More information on the documents that govern the requirements for goods imported into the territory of the customs union, can be found on the Customs Union Committee’s web page –

About customs matters

On all questions related to customs clearance, you can search for information on the website of the Federal Customs Service – and on the consultation portal “Virtual Customs” –